The Company

Our company was founded in 1985 and resides in Stalis. Since then it has been established as one of the most well known and popular hotels in the wider area of Stalis and Hersonisos. In 2003 the hotel was completely renovated according to latest hospitality standards.

Our long experience, our devotion and the particular emphasis that we give to the detail, the aesthetics and the atmosphere of all the areas of Hotel and Studios - Apartments, provide us the potential to completely satisfy every visitor who requires high level of service, in a friendly, modern and comfortable environment.

The company has built an extensive network of associate companies in sectors such as car rental, transport, tickets purchasing, excursions and travel organisation, entertainment, sports & recreational activities, etc, aiming to cover in total the needs of its visitors.

The policy of our company regarding the process of bookings, etc is presented in the section "Company Policy" section.

The contact details of the company and the corresponding forms for reservations or relative information inquiries are located in the "Contact Us" section.

Companies interested in information or collaboration, can communicate with us via the Website or directly with the offices of our company.