Local Destinations

Every year our visitors have the opportunity to meet Crete, which is characterized by a plethora of natural, tourist and archaeological sites.

Below we present indicatively a short guide of areas in Crete that you could visit via the excursions that we organise or by means of your choice.




Heraklion with the archaeological museum and Knosos. The Minoan Palace of the ancient Minoan civilization. (Distance: 28 Km) Malia, with the archaeological site and the palace. (Distance: 2 Km)
Faistos, the seasonal resort of King Minos, via Messara's plain. (Distance: 70 Km) Famous Lasithi and Oropedio Plateau with the numerous windmills and the traditional culture. (Distance: 18 Km)
Matala, the tourist village of the Libyan Sea in which Hippies began their activity. (Distance: 75 Km) Saint Nikolaos, the beautiful city of Eastern Crete with the lake and the harbour. (Distance: 30 Km)
Rethymno, the city with beautiful alleys, the culture and the excellent growth. (Distance: 100 Km) Ierapetra, the most southern city of Europe with the beautiful beach and the fishermen. (Distance: 65 Km)
Chania and the Samaria Gorge, the famous gorge of 18 Km length, where visitors could cross on foot in 6 hours and be impressed from natural beauty of the place. (Distance: 160 Km) Siteia and Vai, the last city in the East of the island, with the famous palm groove. (Distance: 125 Km)