Company Policy

 For Room - Studio or Apartment reservations, visitors should contact the hotel via the Website or directly via telephone, fax or by post.

Visitors should state the type of room they wish, times & dates, the duration and any other information that we should consider (cf. section "Reservation"). In direct we are going to send an answer to their request (about the Availability, Cost and remaining details).

The reservation will be in effect after the relative answer - agreement from the customer and since the customer receives from us the confirmation of the reservation.

The transaction - payment process that we offer is very flexible, as the visitor could pay i) the full amount on arrival at the hotel (cash or credit card), or ii) in advance via bank account transfer/deposit or via credit card, or iii) by combining the advance payment (part of the amount,) with the settlement of the rest amount, on arrival at the hotel.

Cancellation of a reservation should be done at the latest 20 days before the date of arrival.

Any questions, comments and enquiries are always welcome from the hotel administration. For that purpose you could use the "Feedback" of the Contact Us section.

Panorama Stalis Hotel is a member of Hellenic Tourism Organism, fulfilling all hospitality standards and conventional obligations.

The company guarantees the protection of the personal data of its customers and it is committed not to publicise them in third persons or companies.